How to Make Flower Sushi Art - Amazing Food Recipe


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How to Make Sushi Art - Flower Sushi Roll - Food Recipe
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This video shows you how to make flower sushi roll art, you will learn everything you have to know to cook the most amazingly beautiful sushi art with a flower design in the middle.
Quick summary:
1) Cut ½ a toasted seaweed sheet in 5 x 1/3
2) Roll 5 pink sushi rice petals (pink rice: )
3) Carve a carrot cylinder
4) Assemble the center of the flower
5) Spread sushi rice over a long sheet of nori
6) Make 3 ridges of rice then add nori sheet, fill with diced strawberries and julienned cucumber skin.
7) Add a sheet of kampyo and some more sushi rice
8) Roll up the sushi roll and then cut the roll.

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--- Ingredients ---

- Sushi rice:
- Nori seaweed:
- Sushi rice vinegar mix:
- Rolling mat + rice paddle:
- Frozen raspberries:
- Kanpyo
- Toasted sesame seeds:

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filmed on a Canon EOS M , and edited on Adobe Premier.
Music creative commons : Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.
Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux

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